A&B is a family-owned company and began in 1973 in a small three-bay workshop in Hughesdale, Victoria and after five years, moved to our own premises in Murrumbeena where we were for the next 25 years. During that time, we purchased another factory four doors away. The original Factory became a retail outlet and the second became our Remanufacturing Plant.

In 1990, we purchased our first Transmission Dynometer for testing Transmissions prior to being fitted to a vehicle to ensure our quality, later purchasing a Valve Body Tester to test and calibrate them prior to being fitted to the Transmission.We shorlty after added an Oil Retention Tester to ensure Clutches lock up correctly without any leaks.

Later, we purchased another dynometer which enabled us to test a larger range of transmissions, and in 2000 we set up our own torque converter rebuilding facility to ensure quality and reduce lead time in rebuilding low volume transmissions.

After moving to our new factory in Dandenong South we purchased another Dyno for all-wheel drive transmissions. The Software to drive them is all written in house and with a press of the enter key allows a fully simulated road test including a detailed report.

We can now test in excess of 100 different car automatic transmissions.

We currently have our own quality assurance systems in place for each stage of transmission assembly through to final testing.

A&B is still owned and operated by the original owners and employs 30 staff.