Automatic Transmission Engine Oil Cooler Testing

The conception of cars is in such a fashion so that the air can get to all the parts of the car to provide proper cooling to all heat generating components. If there is any addition to the warmth that is mastered by the engine oil and transmission coolers, there can be many reasons due to which the engine oil gets heated up:

1.Increase in RMP, if you push the car too fast more than the limits the working of the engine and thus the engine oil increases on a really high point.
2.If any sort of obstacle comes in the style of the sump that holds back the flow of spare air.
3.Also, as the oil gets hotter it reduces its viscosity that is needed to lubricate different parts of the organization. This low viscous oil can contribute to damage in the structure of the engine leading to the partitioning of the pith organization.

Not just this there are many other problems relates to the oil cooling default. We here at our workshop tend to rectify all the problems related to automatic transmission engine oil coolers.

1.We provide proper verification of the cooler either is an air cooler or a water cooler.

2. Both coolers are equally entertained for further testing.

3. Fitting of the wet and dry sump is also practiced with full cautions.

4. Fitting of the automatic transmission cooler is also performed in the finest style.

5. Adding on to this we also provide.

  • Oil temperature, warning light testing and repairing
  • Checking oil pressure warning light and replacing if needed.

An overall testing of the cooling unit of your automatic transmission vehicle.