Automatic Transmission Filter and Gasket Services

After Automatic transmission fluid service the most common service to be considered is, to change the filter and clean the pan gasket. The filter needs to be replaced after a certain time interval. This is important as the filter purifies the transmission fluid and hence gets affected with the metal particles that are being cleaned by the filter.

At our workshop we offer this service provided by our expert team. There are the following steps to be considered while servicing the automatic transmission filter and pan gasket.

The first step is always to drain the transmission fluid.

Remove the Pan bolts and take the pan out with precautions. The left fluid will flow out during this process.

Now the filter is to be removed, for this task out the bolts proper it and then remove the filter. This process also flows the fluid.

The transmission parts are cleaned properly and are left for some time.

Now the most important is to clean the pan gasket. Cleaning agents are used to clean the gasket.

Cleaning the gasket also need to remove all the dark and dusty particles from both sides of the pan.

Then the filter is replaced with new filter and is fixed then the pan is fitted and finally the transmission is refilled with the fluid in proper amount.

Changing and cleaning of the filter and gasket is an important work and our experts are well known to the job.