Automatic Transmission Rebuild

At A&B Automotive Remanufacturing Pty Ltd we are equipped with all the latest technology, tooling and equipment to get your transmission up to the latest specification available for the appropriate manufacturer.

In most cases A&B can provide an exchange transmission straight off the shelf and deliver to local customers within 1-2 days and remote or interstate customers according to major transport delivery terms and conditions. In instances where we don’t have an exchange unit available, we will either re-manufacture one of our units or in a worst case scenario, re-manufacture your own unit, and return to you in the quickest possible time.

We have the ability to give a thorough report, including “root cause” of your transmissions failure where required, and the recommended rectification of the failure, Our fully qualified and factory trained technicians are always on the lookout for unusual and abnormal causes of failure, leading to a very comprehensive list of possible causes of failure for each individual transmission type.

After all the preliminary tests are carried out and accepted, our transmissions are all built in an environmentally controlled area where we ensure the best rebuilding practises are followed and our quality control is strictly adhered to. When the rebuild process is completed, all our transmissions are dyno & leak tested prior to shipping or installation and fluid filled to allow for a cooler flow check to be performed in the vehicle.