Automatic Transmission Gear Shifter Testing

In an automatic transmission at that place are many speeds and to maintain the gear we need to control and test the gear shifting operation. As every transmission consists of different speeds the testing also varies according to that. There are different Speed Automatic transmission consisting of the following gear shifts:-

1. P – Park
2. N-Neutral
3. R-Reverse
4. D-Drive
5. OD/[D]-Over Drive
6. M-Manual Mode
7. First (1 or L[LOW])-First gear
8. Second (2 or S)- Consists the ratio of first 2 gears
9. Third (3)- contains the ratio of first 3 gears
10. D4- 4 speed automatic transmission
11. D5- 5 speed automatic transmission
12. Winter (W)- To select second gear  instead of first when pulling away from stationary.

Further higher speed automatic transmission are added too.
Finding out all these and more with the working of the gear shifter is the task and our experts working for this go through all the major and minors of the system to come out with all the perfection in the job so that the shifting gears can become easy for you while driving. So that you can relish the drive just like new automatic transmission.