Other Related Car Transmission Services

There are many other parts that add on to the working of the vehicle. We also offer inspection and repairs for those. Some are mentioned below:

1.BELT AND HOSES : – These a. e the important sections of the air conditioning system in your automobile that needs to be controlled in a frequent manner.

2. BRAKE SYSTEM: – All know brake system is how much important and demands exceptional care. Here we check all high and lows of it.

3. EMISSION SYSTEM: – the emission system is responsible for controlling the emissions, exhaust and pollutant of the automobile. Hence servicing it is very important.

4. EXHAUST SYSTEM: – One must check the car exhaust system and if any problem inspected service must be served.

5. FUEL SYSTEM:-The fuel system transfers fuel from the fuel tank to all parts of the car system. Car only runs on fuel and hence any problem can stop the working of the car.

6. LIGHTING AND WIPERS: -Chances of accidents turns to be more if you can’t find out what is in front of you while driving hence, Lights and wipers are really significant.

7. STARTING, CHARGING AND BATTERIES: -We make certain to check the working on the battery for its proper working.

8. STEERING AND SUSPENSION: -The steering and suspension systems are the manpower on the car and proper medical exam is provided to these pieces at our workshop.

9. TRANSMISSION:– With other transmission services we provide service for these parts too. As all in combination create a perfect locomotive.

  • Torque converter
  • Pump
  • Clutches and bands
  • Valve body
  • Hydraulic & lubricating oil